The enormous Mayan mythical carving discovered inside an ancient pyramid that hints at a power struggle between the Snake Kingdom and the Tikal rulers

I think that these archaeological finds are very interesting to me now. I would never interpret these finds through the eyes of contemporary archaeology. A Biblical view of the pre-flood and post-flood pagan world’s would greatly add to understanding what really was happening with regards to hybrids and nephilim influence on these cultures saturated in sorcery and blood sacrifice.

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My Comment:  I found this intriguing.  I’ve often wondered if things like this give us a glimpse into ancient civilizations and their fights with ancients gods much like we find in the Bible with the ancient gods of Egypt, and Greece, etc.

Daily Mail

A huge stone carving crafted by the ancient Mayan civilisation that has been hidden inside a pyramid in Guatemala for centuries, shows a battle of superpowers in 6th Century Central America, archaeologists have said.

The giant frieze featuring inscriptions and brightly coloured painting was discovered last month at a dig in the north east Peten region of the country at the Holmul archaeological dig.

The archaeologists believe evidence suggests that the rulers of the region were embroiled in a political clash of the titans between the kings of Kaanul – the Snake Kingdom – and the kings of Tikal.

Archaeologist Anya Shetler cleans an inscription below an ancient stucco frieze recently unearthed in the buried Maya city of Holmul in the Peten region of Guatemala

Archaeologist Anya Shetler cleans an inscription below…

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