Creepy! Illuminati “The Smurfs 2 Movie” Parent Alert!

Oh Boy! For those of us who have eyes to see this just creeps me out! When looking at movies or music videos you need to see the dual symbolism which is the tradition of the occult secret societies.  They have a surface storyline for the uninitiated and then an occulted meaning for the initiated.  I have been saying for along time that Illuminati Hollywood has been going after the children much more aggressively than adults. Wow, this is right in your face when you dig below the surface of the new Smurf 2 movie associations.

I am not going to break down the movie but from Britney’s clip you can see in a cursory way many of the illuminati signs, the lady in red, one eye symbolism, magic, fireworks etc. I am sure parents schooled on the Illuminati symbolism will see it throughout the movie. What I am focusing on are two of Hollywood’s Broken Barbie’s  working together in this movie. Britney the heir apparent illuminati princess do to a Madonna initiation kiss and Katy Perry (Smurfet) are in the same movie together. You can see at the end of the “Ooh La La song” that Britney has Katy in her hand.

The creepy factor is compounded because Katy playing smurfet is coming out with her new Roar video teaser to be released August 12th.  The teaser clip 1 below is Burning Baby Blue (She is burning her trademark blue wig, more smurf symbolism).  Of course roaring and lions are associated in the Bible both with Jesus, the Lion of Judah and the roaring lion going around seeking who he can devour, Satan.

This is teaser clip2 (Official funeral for Katy’s old image as she transforms her image from teen idol) Dual symbolism is obvious in this video.  Don’t just assume that this video is just about her career.

This is just over the top in my view, Katy Perry Christ renouncer and Britney Spears Mk Ultra brain damaged Disney kid.  Hollywood is really just turning out occult material spelling out the end of the world and the Rapture of the church.  Satan’s Pet Goats are really getting excited about the casting down of Satan and the rise of his kingdom.


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