The Shadow Government’s Bankster plan for Bankrupting America

The Shadow Government’s plan for Bankrupting America

I first became aware of the current strategy being implemented by the global bankster shadow government on how they would bring down America after listening to Dr. Stan Monteith and Lindsey Williams on collapsing the derivatives market.

Rapidly rising interest rates would apply too much pressure on the bond market and would dry up all the liquidity.  It is similar to the movie, “Trading Places” where the the elderly Wall Street tycoons were ruined in one trading day when they couldn’t meet their margin calls at the end of the fixed trading frenzy.  Theoretically, all money could become worthless overnight because the world is tied to the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  A side note, the movie “Trading Places” is actually how the Rothschild family came to own the bank of England after providing fake information that Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo.

The banksters use the media to distract the world from their criminal acts.  This can be seen with the global terror alerts and embassy closings that are occurring right now with almost no attention being given to the massive $192 Billion dollar loss in the bond market.  The bankster shadow government is the real “Wizard of Oz” using deception and misdirection to carry out their bank heists.  This can be clearly seen in the September 10th ,2001 hearing investigating a 2.3 trillion dollar accounting error in the Department of Defense.  Unfortunately the 9/11 terror attacks on the twin towers occurred the next day CONVENIENTLY distracting America from this military industrial complex shadow government bank heist.  I guess it was a good thing for the military industrial complex because they got more funding after the towers fell.  Good for them and bad for us.

The only way that Americans will get access to the truth is when citizen journalists connect the dots that the controlled coporate media refuses to do.  The corporate controlled media should receive the Edward Bernaise award for Propaganda.


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