“Backlash” Divide and Conquer Illuminati Strategy

The puppet President’s final role is to provoke the American peoples wrath. Destroy the culture, money, foundations and incite a race war. These are Obama’s objectives. I wonder if Barry’s participation in the Trayvon Martin race baiting trial had anything to do with this card?  What is especially interesting about the “Backlash” card is the obvious head wound. This is more of the Freemason tradition of Hiram Abiff and also foreshadows the head wound found in the book of Revelation. Do you think that the Republicans don’t know what is going on in DC?


3 thoughts on ““Backlash” Divide and Conquer Illuminati Strategy

  1. let me ask a question. Was this card in that bash of illumanti cards. I have seen the tsunami card, twc card, pentagon card, London card with big ben blowing up. I have never seen this card before. Got my mind running in circles

    • Yes, many youtubers show a few cards. This one was really interesting with the head wound and now Obummer has gone on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. Boy they really want people to get mad. It goes with this card.

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