Anybody But Jesus!!!!

I see a parallel between Jesus and Barabbas.  The typology is very clear and fresh for the world we live in today.  When given a choice between the righteous loving king Christ and a murderer, the world chose Barabbas.  The world is still choosing Barabbas and always will choose Barabbas. I think there is no clearer example of irrationality than this image of the innocent man lashed and bloody and the man with blood on his hands cheered.  Sounds like the world today.

The fallen mans flesh hates the things of the Spirit.  Christ was hated then and he is still hated.  The watchmen church is aware of the widespread apathy that exists in the end times Laodicean church.  Church apathy and neo-paganism have combined to create an environment that will again alllow the world to take a stand against Christ.  Men will again choose Barabbas in the form of the anti-christ, the ancient murderer will rule over man and deliver the final judgement upon a rebellious fallen world.  Christ will intervene one final time and everyone will bow to the rightful ruler of all.  We wait for the blessed hope of Christ coming in the clouds.


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