The Spartanization of The United States Military

This is a very clear critique on the misuse of the United States Military in an amoral assault on world freedom. The ethical and moral use of military power has always been connected in the United States to the underpinning philosophies put forward by Christianity.

Most people can identify with the golden rule, do unto others as you would have done to yourself.
The Christian world view has now been replaced in the military with the pagan worldview of the Spartan system. I have noticed that teenagers have been being trained via video games for the past decade to develop a military squad approach to dealing with situations. The approach has been clever mixing a teenage boys desire to prove himself with false images of obtaining glory and manhood on the battle field.

The Christian community has gone along with this hook line and sinker.  The mindless support by the Christian public is unacceptable in my view.  I believe that Christians should compare the scripture and examine what it means to be patriotic and Christian.  America has changed and adult Christian parents should be more wary of supporting a military that is now hostile to Christian enlisted men.

Public indoctrination is clearly being directed to install the pagan Sodomite friendly military in place of the military that Americans associate with our founding values.  What people do not understand is that the Spartan world view was a military statist system which identified manhood and military death as the highest  role a man could have in Spartan society.  Women were relegated to the role of being a breeding machine that should produce males.  This is the second class that Plato envisioned in his  book, “The Republic”.  The military class was envisioned by Plato as the class that supported the vision of the ruling elite.  The third class of slaves were kept in check by the military.  The sodomite agenda is clearly present in the history of Sparta and is also at the core of the NAZI elite.  Reference The Pink Swastika 

The contribution of the city state of Sparta to world history is negative in my opinion.  In my estimation Sparta represents the mindlessness of a military culture which feasted on violence and reprobate sexual behavior.  This is the vision of the New World Order’s elite class.  They want the mindless thug to carry out their orders.

The Luciferians are clearly in charge of America and the United States military in my view.  I feel extremely sad for the young people who have been sacrificed on Satan’s pagan war altar.  For those that still question my view just look at the Medal of Honor, the highest award usually given posthumously. (Medal of Honor)

What people will notice on the medal is a variation on the goddess Athena, the goddess of war, in the center of an inverted Satanic pentagram. Those familiar with witchcraft will be able to see the summoning circle in the center of the medal surrounded by the 5 points of the Satanic pentagram.  What would a supposedly Christian society be doing giving families of dead soldiers this pagan medallion commemorating the soldiers sacrifice to the God of War, Satan.

This article is just to point out the just use of force in the defense of a country.  This is clearly not the case in the way that the United States military is being used now.


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