Alinsky smiling up at Obama over “Phony Scandals” line

An excellent article with great references. Yes, Obama is a disgrace to the very principles of the United States of America. When viewed through the Saul Alinsky lens of politics, you cannot deny his philosophy of governance. This president could not hold office without the blessings of the so called, “RIGHT”, in Washington. When you begin to look at the people running the show in Washington, you begin to see the face of Hitler, Marx, & Alinsky. Karl Rove is a great mouthpiece for the inept always surrendering Republican party but few know that his grandfather was a main regional NAZI organizer and also a member of the engineering contractors that built the Birkenau death camp. So America we are faced with a government saturated with NAZI’s and Communist’s. It will be great when Christ returns and gets rid of these evil doers.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

By Ben Barrack/Shoebat Foundation

In 2009, when Barack Obama said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”, it was a mistake. When he went out on the campaign trail last week to campaign for a campaign that doesn’t exist, he made reference to “phony scandals”. This was not a mistake; it was a political calculation. We know this because White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was using the same verbiage on television interviews:

So why would the Obama administration make a political calculation that is, on its face, incendiary? The short answer is that he is following his ideological mentor’s advice. He is attempting to “goad” and “guide” his enemies into reacting. He believes political victory can be achieved if he can incitehis enemies.

Alinsky and Hitler: Masters at goading their enemies.

Alinsky and Hitler: Masters at goading their enemies.

The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.” –Saul Alinsky


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