Take A Good Look At The Man ‘Organizing’ The Peace With Israel And The Dividing Of God’s Land

Amen! Excellent accounting of the Satanic philosophy behind Barack Obama, a philosophy of destruction. Destroy the old and rebuild the world in your image. I wrote a piece on Saul Alinsky part 1 in which I layed out Alinsky’s Neo-Marxist Satanic philosophy. You are correct that this is the play book for degenerates and that is the population that ascribes to Alinsky tactics. We need to continue to expose these Satanic approaches to governance.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

While looking at the news this morning from Israel, one article jumped out at me and suddenly I thought, this is what obama does!  He is a community organizer you can read that in his books he wrote about himself.  He causes chaos and confusion to pressure social reform.  He’s done that in Egypt, Syria and Libya.  He has single handedly exploded the middle east in hatred and chaos.  Here is an excerpt from Israel National News that say’s that the official letter of invitation to the PA for talks at the white house this week, say’s that they will discuss pre-1967 borders, even though they promised Israel if they released terrorists from prison, there would be no pre- conditions.

From Israel National News:  According to Palestinian Authority-based media outlets, the official invites to Israel-PA talks, which will be sent by the United States, are to include a statement…

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