Pro-military masses in Cairo wave banners saying “Obama Out! Putin in!”

Lyn Leahz

My Comment:  It has become increasingly apparent that something has gone very wrong with obama’s and the worlds plans for the muslim brotherhood and Egypt.  Could it be that God has His own plans?  Could it be that no matter how hard they try they will not change God’s plans?  This is an excerpt from a post I did recently about this.  ‘The People of Egypt Have Spoken Their Voices Have Been Heard.’  My heart and prayers go out to the Egyptian people.


Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators filled Cairo’s streets and squares Friday, July 26 in rival rallies shortly after deposed president Mohamed Morsi was formally charged and detained for 15 days. Tahrir Square was packed with crowds responding to Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s call for a mandate to support the military fight on “terrorists.” Another huge crowd of Morsi supporters packed the streets around…

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