Exposing Area 51 & an Alien Hybridization Program w/ Google Earth

This video looks at circumstantial evidence of a hybridization program based on the use of google earth to break down images surrounding Area 51. The likelihood of having all these images not being related to each other is beyond any statistical measure. Those familiar with the groxt1 youtube channel will understand the images being shown and how they interact.

All these images have been shown before separately on different postings on the groxt1 channel. Those who are new to the use of google earth to break down the storyboard layout on the surface of the globe will be skeptical. That is ok. Everyone is skeptical when presented with new ways of seeing things. The images are amazing at what they are displaying. Alien & human hybridization. This leads to all types of speculation about what our shadow government is involved in at Area 51. I will link the Area 51 pyramid link and also my new Hollywood Nephilim Agenda link

My very recent popular posting on The Alien Agenda & Washington DC link, this shows alien outlines at the Washington monument.

It appears to me that the spiritual veil is being lifted and we are getting extremely close to public disclosure.  Tom Horn and Chris Putnam document this expected disclosure event in Exovaticanus

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