July 2013 Conspiracy Theory Overload! The Weirdometer is pegged!

I have been shaking my head lately at how many July news events are overlapping into a strange Collage of intertwined story lines.  As you can see from my posts, reality is much stranger than what the media shows their viewing audience.  It was never my goal in writing posts to do anything other than cover Christian related topics which the mainstream media avoids and how they relate to end-time events and the coming Rapture of the church and the beginning of the Great Tribulation.  How to compile the stories and make sense of seemingly unrelated events and details is the difficulty.

This post will cover July 2013 stories that seem to be laying out some kind of theme.  If I was to examine each point in detail then this post would become too big to digest all the information.  The goal is to lay out a framework that shows a connection between all the stories.

I will preface this post to say that the globe is poised for a nuclear WWIII event that can occur any day.  There is an orchestrated Satanic plan that has already been organized and all the pieces are in place.  The media’s goal is to keep the public’s attention focused on fluff pieces until the bombs start flying.  The global elite have already conducted a trial run for destroying the Derivatives market which would make currency worthless over night.  Once things start there will be a permanent change throughout the globe, chaos will reign.  This is all by design to bring in the New World Order.  A Satanic Fascist Dictatorship.


July 22nd 2013  (6 Significant Events happening now)

1) Grand Star of David Alignmnet: Details in previous post (click link)

2) Bohemian Grove Satanic Elite Gather (click link)

3) Globe waits for birth of New Royal, date is significant (click link)

4) Twitter Pope invades Rio

5) Israel-Palestinian Peace? (click link)

6) Jewish Holiday: The 15th of Av July 22, 2013 (Major Apocalyptic symbolism associated Click Link)

Themes focused on in this holiday: (more information)

a). Beginning of the grape harvest (Book of Revelations symbolism) (Grapes of Wrath)

b). Jewish Valentines Day (Single girls dress in white seeking their Mate) (Marriage ceremony symbolism) (Book of Revelations)

c). Cutting of the wood for the altar fire of the Temple and breaking of the Ax (Name of holiday derives from this)

Music Industry videos supporting symbolism related to the main themes regarding The 15th of Av July 22, 2013

1) Scream & Shout —-Britney Spears and Will I AM

This video & lyrics shows the crowning of Satan (Will I AM) as he is cast down on the earth and starts the Tribulation period by decapitating people and spilling their blood as in the Grapes of wrath and mounting their heads like trophies: Main lyrics

(Scream and Shout and let it all out)—People being decapitated and spilling out their blood

(All eyes on us)—All eyes should be on God or Christ not the counterfeit Satan also worship of the beast

(Bring the Action)—-Video and lyric depiction of using an AX to split the earth also symbolizes guillotines that will be used

(I wish this night would last for ever)—Satan has a limited time and he knows it.  He wishes he could be king forever.

(Oh We Oh We Oh)—Those not raptured will pay for their sins with their lives.  Christ paid for Christians who accepted his free gift.

The Next video related to Valentine’s Day was justed released by 66 year old cross dressing senior citizen rocker David Bowie

Outside of being one of the dumbest songs released by a senior citizen, it is just loaded with music  industry Illuminati.  The length of the song is significant with the number 3:09. (3  9’s) or flip it to (666).  Not an accident.  The video has Freemason columns and  arches and good old fashioned Egyptian river of the dead running in the underworld imagery.  Plenty of V’s on columns and in lyrics. “V” used as the 5th age.  Also the way that the song is sung with a snarling Bowie led me to think of the Valentine’ Day massacre.  An indepth review of The Return of Bowie

Here is Bowie’s weird apocalyptic video I believe written for the 15th of Av and what follows.

The Final video was released one week ago by Lil Wayne Illuminati demon possessed rapper.  For my prior post click Lil Wayne Pet Goat

For those interested in viewing this video there is a strong language warning for cursing.  The video is apocalyptic and Lil Wayne is associated with deadly events such as the Aurora movie shootings.

(Main Lyrics of significance)

“The ashes fall, the wine spills”—Nuclear and blood imagery

“It’s judgement Day or a fire drill”– Nuclear end-times imagery

“The end of time is like an hour away”–Apocalypse

“Sweet land of kill them all and let them die”—America being used by Illuminati for warfare

“Cause I live by the sword and die by the sword”—Global Judgement on America

This is not an exhaustive look at events.  There are many others but these I thought I should include in one post to show time is very close to something world changing.


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