Illuminati involvement in Zimmerman Case. What a scam!

After being tortured with  race baiting wall to wall coverage by the Main Stream Media (MSM) TV propagandists, the real truth about the Zimmerman case begins to surface.
Here you go! The Puppeteers including the Divider in Chief Obama busted with their hands dirty in a race baiting False Flag MSM manufactured event.  This doesn’t mean that Trayvon Martin is not dead.  It just raises the question of who is running the show and what is the real agenda?  The Black Skull & Bones secret society, The Boule Society, has several players involved in this case.  This case always had the feeling of being manufactured and pushed by the Satanic power structure that runs America.  Turn off your TV’s folks don’t get sucked into their Wizard of Oz fake reality. Just remember these people can’t do anything if everyone refuses to be led by them! Accept Christ and conduct spiritual warfare against these forces of evil. Deception and Lies straight from the father of lies and his willing Pet Goat participants.

(Boule Society Link <–click)


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