Open letter to Obama and U.S. from Egypt

I am sorry Mr. commentator that you had to send a video message asking President Barry to stop promoting evil across the globe. I share your sentiment and support your position. I am sorry that the American people have been unable to convince President Barry that killing people to insert Muslim Brotherhood dictatorships across the Middle East is not Democracy. I am afraid that the Divider and Chief is dedicated to provoking the globe to see America as evil and by doing that to call on the globe to destroy a wicked America. We already see this with Russia threatening war over America’s backing of Monsanto, a wicked company dedicated to destroying the non-GMO crops of the world. I would suggest to the commentator and his supporters in Egypt to accept Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, before the end. Satan’s forces are running the seats of government across the globe. Christ is the only hope for man.


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