A Christian view on the History of an Alien Sky recorded in Ancient world glyphs.

I am posting this compilation of clips from the thunderbolts project which promotes the electric universe theory which is much more sane than traditionally held models of the solar system and the forces that interact between the heavenly bodies.

The object of my posting is that I want to present this well made presentation of the thunderbolts projects view of the alien sky and ancient cultures worship of the Heavenly bodies as Gods.  I am approaching this material from a Christian worldview which is a minority view in the world of academia.  This is how I approach the topics I write about in my blog.  I will now add how a Christian world view differs and contrasts from a pagan world system which promotes the worship of the Sun, moon, and stars.   So at the start I want to introduce the primary Biblical statutes taught to the nation of Israel upon leaving Egypt and being led by Jehovah.  The link below will give a contextual reading of the practices forbidden to the Israelites.


Deuteronomy 4:19 (This verse specifically addresses that God forbade the worship of the planets or Sun)

The author’s of the thunderbolt series do not advocate any religious views in the presentation of this video.  I am familiar with the author’s approach which is to present in an academic format a view of humanity couched in the theoretical framework of Jungian Psychology archetypes and Mythos which was heavily promoted in academia by Joseph Campbell.  Of course both approaches have religious underpinnings in Eastern philosophy and shamanic practices.  Carl Jung derived much of his collective unconscious beliefs from Lao Tzu, Taoism, “The I Ching” book of Changes, a book of divination.  Joseph Campbell approached human spiritual belief systems through a form of comparative religious studies and primitive shamanic belief systems.  His views are heavily promoted by New Age philosophers and in academic departments of Anthropology.  You know you are hearing a student of Campbell when you hear the words, “Creation Myths”.  So the goal of this work is not to get into an exhaustive study of belief systems but to present material that is better than the propaganda promoted in State run Universities.

I think this first video gives an interesting portrayal of the obsession of ancient people with the Gods and who were the God’s and why are epic cycles of destruction associated with the God’s?  I believe that the God’s from a Biblical perspective are related to the interference in the world by the fallen angels (Nephilim) and their hybrid offspring (Rephaim).

(Satan’s Destruction of God’s Creation by hybridization)(<-Click)

Here is the first video (1/3)

This second video clip  presentation blends a few different concepts together which I think disregards some obvious questions from a Christian perspective.  The author presents the concepts of Jungian archetypes which denies the Creator, it just posits some humanistic collective unconscious concept that just came from somewhere undefined.  The second concept put forward  is the most striking and indicting point missed by the author.  It is the depiction of ancient civilization artists as “REALISTS”.  I think this one point is skipped over by the author as he brings in the Plasma Universe concept to explain the universal stick figures being recorded by ancient people.  This is the introduction of the electric universe information which is very interesting concerning the interaction of forces between astronomical objects.  It however does not answer the question as to why ancient man adopted “abstract conceptual art” all of a sudden.  Of course academia would put forward some Psychological mumbojumbo about developmental Psychology (ala Piaget), the evolution from the concrete to abstract.  This is where academia’s anti-God agenda always ends up in some type of supposedly “RATIONAL” Atheistic or Agnostic construct.  Since the boom in scientific knowledge coincided with the Protestant Reformation and the creation of Biblically founded Universities, I would disagree with the current trajectory of godless science.

At this point I would interject that the “Realists” remained “Realists”!  I believe that ancient man recorded these fallen angel gods and their Rephaim hybrid offspring.

(Satan’s 5 “I Will” Agenda<–Click)

They documented the Satanic plan to change Man from from being the image bearer of God into Man being created in Lucifer’s image.  I believe that Anubis, Quetzalcoatl and other hybrid images were not abstract psychological symbols but the hybrids.  I believe that this is the history of Genesis 6 and the fallen angels involvement in destroying God’s creation.

Another major mistake made in this video relates to the cosmic mountain archetype.  The tower of Babel story and the worship of other pagan civilizations on the High Places is very significant.  Most scientists cannot come up with how such enormous pyramid structures were ever created.  I believe that the pyramid building cultures were the fallen angel hybrid giant cultures and that the structure of the pyramids allowed for some type of interaction with the spiritual dimension at the top of these structures.   The History channel of course promotes the “Ancient Alien theory” and focuses on ancient alien technology but they will never talk about the God of the Bible.  Anything but the Biblical God is the motto of Hollywood and controlled media and academia.  Nimrod a Rephaim was attempting to assault the heavens much like the Hollywood movie Elysium.  Watch this trailer and you will get the general idea of what the fallen angels and their offspring want to accomplish.

Here is the Second video (2/3)

Of course the third videos interpretation gets back into archetypes and the collective unconscious theory which differs from Christianity.  I think the heavy emphasis on spiritual evolution is setting up humanity to fall into the One World Luciferian Religion trap.  This video also discusses the universal representation of the spoked wheel.  The Pagan world reverts back to the wheel of Reincarnation, Eastern philosophy,  and all that stuff.  The Biblical depiction of the wheel occurs in the book of Ezekiel. (Ezekiel’s Wheel<–Click)

Of course Ezekiel 1:14-21 discusses the wheels and how they moved.  Many believe this is what is described about how God’s angelic chariots or the fallen angels UFO’s.

A Conspiratorial note concerning this 3rd video is the unique alignment displayed by Saturn, Venus & Mars as a giant eye just like is seen in the mystery schools and Illuminati symbols.  I have posted a recent video called the (Saturn Conspiracy<-Click)

I look forward to hearing from readers of this post.  I think that science and history are very interesting when you get the unedited picture.  David Rockefeller and friends don’t want you to have any access to truth.  They just want a brain damaged drone slave population.  Christ is the only source of freedom in the Universe, so don’t be duped by the Matrix controllers.

Here is the third video (3/3)


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