The Most Logical Rapture Timeline on the Web

This video gives a great simplified analysis of The book of Revelation.  Revelation is a book that describes the “Revelation of Jesus Christ”.  The end times is about everyone in the world and in heaven acknowledging that Christ is Lord over All.  Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!  So this video by Scottie gives a great visual demonstration of the book of Revelation.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Most Logical Rapture Timeline on the Web

  1. Revelation is one of the greatest books in the Bible and it’s also one of the biggest mysteries. I usually avoid “rapture” discussion because it’s a relatively new doctrine and our jobs as Christians is to spread the Gospel.

    The scriptures foretold the coming of the Christ and most of the religious leaders of that time missed it. The Lord only revealed the truth to a few people. I expect the same thing to happen when the time comes.

    • Christ reveals his mysteries to those who diligently study the scriptures. In the last days the book of Revelation would become clearer to many Bible believers. I think that you can see that a person viewing Revelation 100 years ago would not have an appreciation for all the scientific information that would add to a better understanding of how nations could destroy nations in a day or the current phenomenon of transhumanism and the return of pagan ways as in the Days of Noah. This post is a general Pre-trib simplified video that gives a lot of good visuals for those that haven’t invested a great deal of time studying prophecy and Matthew 24 and the second coming of Christ. Thanks for the comments. Tim

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