David Bowie still working for Beelzebub after all this time–Valentine’s Day & Next Day

This article is a Christian critique on the music industry imagery and performers that I grew up with during my teens.  I don’t usually do such pieces because it is not my main focus on pop culture music industry performers.  Pointing out that morally degenerate musicians make up the music industry is pretty much self-evident.  But I felt that this story just fell in my lap and that I should do a piece from my perspective which I am sure is the minority opinion on the web.  Fans of David Bowie will not like this post, so if you are a fan and don’t want to see me denigrate Bowie, I suggest you read a fan blog instead. I am commenting on David Bowie because he represents  one of the performers that shaped my teen years.  I am going to express my opinion using spiritual discernment given to me over many years by the Holy Spirit.  Many folks without such discernment would just see an angry Bowie snarling in “Valentines Day” in a low-budget business park venue.  That is not what these videos are about.  These videos express Luciferian, Satanic messages.

You know I grew up watching the cross-dressing  David Bowie (sodomite agenda contemporary of sodomite Culture Club lead singer, Boy George) and was dumb enough as a youth to actually have liked some of his music like “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl”. But when you are in your teens you don’t know you’re stupid, you think everyone else is stupid. As you grow up you get some perspective on the world and different agendas and politics involved in different businesses. So I just had to bust David Bowie when I came across his newest videos being pushed on youtube.  Yes, you all know youtube annoying policy of forcing you to watch some advertisement when you don’t want to watch another Ad, so that brings me to how I saw Bowie’s new album being pushed by Vevo Ads.  So I will give my take on Bowie’s album “Next Day”, the lead song, but first on his newest release “Valentine’s Day”

Here is a senior citizen rocker giving his props to his benefactor the Great Illuminator “Lucifer”(Valentine and his big day coming soon). He is going to be this great guy who runs the 5th age. I mean it is really pitiful seeing this “Pet Goat” having to keep on performing to uphold his end of the bargain to prove his allegiance. So I guess “Valentine’s Day” is Bowie’s Swan Song before he gets his reward in Hell. This is a way to surreal seeing all the Red & V symbolism Freemason arches, columns and the dual eye color symbolic of the Right eye blinded reference to the Bible.  Of course, his left eye is dilated and wide open and dark which reinforces the 2013 movie and music themes of entering the darkness.

What can I say other than Repent for the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back very soon.  You don’t want to go through the Great Tribulation and get slaughtered with everyone else that is deceived by Satan’s Pet Goats that are in the music industry.  Sad, very sad.

(Explicit video warning, I am posting this for adults only.  You view it at your own choosing.  The video contains blood, masochism, breast pasties and blaspheming of Christ.) (You may say what is the point of showing such a video.  Your kids are watching this stuff and it is a clear sign of the Days of Noah and the coming Antichrist)  So Christians don’t complain to me if you view this video.

Here is Bowie’s blasphemous Satanic blood orgy video “Next Day”.  It has the symbolic feeling of being part of a black mass including a great deal of stereotypical Catholic imagery including stigmata where everything to blaspheme Jesus is performed with Bowie at the end ascending more like descending to Hell.  Bowie takes on the Christ symbolism in this video.  The imagery is Luciferian in that Bowie represents Lucifer and his side as good and the Catholic priests and cardinals as hypocrites dedicated to doing evil and taking money.  I am no fan of Catholicism, but this video is clearly Luciferian.



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  1. thank you for putting a smile on my face. i especially liked the bit about his dilated eye, who would have thought when it got damaged, that nearly 50 years on it would be “supporting the themes of entering the darkness”. 😉

    • His eye was damaged over 50 years ago….. yes. What the writer is just pointing out the emphasis put on his right eye in the video. David Bowie’s eye doesn’t look quite like that in person.

      • Actually, the author plays God the Judge on the ‘appointed’ Day..sentencing an accomplished legend to hell. Bowie was Lutheran for well over 20 years but remained an artist till the end. Vocalists don’t envision and produce their videos. They enact what’s been envisioned by the writer. Must be empowering to play the great Judge and knower of souls.

      • You shall know them by their fruits. Bowie is just one of many entertainers that have sold their souls for fame. Watch They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll and you will have a different perspective.

  2. I can’t take seriously someone who can’t grasp the whole ‘your/you’re’ thing. And the fact that you’re talking bollocks isn’t helpful either. Still, to each their own…

  3. Yeah… it’s too obvious satanism. Anyone can see that. Not big news these days that pop stars are almost all totally satanic… Bible still stands. And is being scientifically confirmed day by day, fact by fact. No place to hide, our Maker is coming back!

  4. David Bowie is not evil! And if anyone is going to get a reward in hell, it’s you! You are nothing but a bible basher and jealous because you don’t have a 50+ career like he does. Don’t go twisting his songs and videos either. His eye was damaged in his teens it has nothing to do with evil. You on the other hand are just pure evil. BOWIE BASHER!!!

  5. Well done! Keep in mind that there are also people who are fighting Lucifer from a base in the pure satanic depths, making the antichrist “monkey in the middle.”

  6. There are messages. Sometimes words… God is in America… their God…Just think a little bit harder. Consider the messages and open your eyes.

  7. Bowie was into Crowley, the black magic oculist. As was Geldoffs daughter, and she ended up dead soon afterwards. People think people like Bowie are cool for being edgy, running down the church and so on, but at the end of the day when they die and are face to face with Jesus, I don’t think they will be smirking. Do not chase after acceptance from people in this world, it is worthless, and leads to misery. follow Jesus, he is all that matters when all is said and done. You cannot fail in a life following Jesus, no matter what this world throws at you.

    There is nothing glamorous about these famous people who mock Jesus or morality, they are on borrowed time and it is only by the grace of God they are even alive. Without God they would not exist, we would all die immediately if God removed himself from us. God allows people to mock him and make laws that go against his creation, because he is giving them a chance to change their ways, but eventually that time runs out. Do not be on the wrong side of God when your time is up, because nobody can help you then.

    You were put here on this earth to bring glory to God, because he deserves it for making you and all living things and giving you the opportunity of eternal life in heaven, and because he loves you more than you could ever know. He wants you to go to heaven, God does not send people to hell, they send themselves to hell.

    Focus on what you should be doing, for your eternal salvation, and do not get caught up with the distractions and bull**** of this world that is there to rob you of what God has planned for you. The devil is at work in this world, he is at work in people and in high places, and his mission is to bring you down with him, he uses all the temptations of this world and knows your weakness, do not fall for his lies. do not lose yourself to darkness, it will seduce you in this world, only to turn on you at your final moment and lead you into eternal darkness.

  8. God did not bring pain and suffering, disease, famine, war and death into this world, we did through our sins. This world is broken because of sin. Not because of anything God has done, his creation was perfect, we were perfect, until we decided that we knew better than God. Bowie has gone on record saying he wants a fascist leader in power to rule over the people. Why people look up to him is because they themselves love the darkness also. Little do they know what waits at the end of the road.

  9. Doesn’t really matter now.
    He’s dead.
    Bowie had some pretty off the chart right wing views all his life.
    Even as late as 2014 he aligned himself with some strange characters in politics.

  10. It’s a shame you are “no fan” of Catholicism since it is the religion Jesus Christ founded on Peter and the Apostles, apart from which no man can be saved. The reason Satanists mock the Catholic Mass is because Jesus Christ INTENDED FOR US TO RECEIVE HIM IN THE EUCHARIST, a fact which protestants so arrogantly deny. In that sense, Satanists are closer to the truth than you are, because they know full well that it is in the Catholic Faith alone, that Christ resides, and that protestants have been used as useful idiots by Luciferians since the “reformation” which is really just a passel of heresies. You cheer the destruction of the Catholic Church, but as you will see, as the Church goes, so goes the world. You are merely waifs upon history, excluded from the mystical body of Christ — his one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, which you deride. You are little better than Satanists like Bowie, you just think you are. Repent and cure your ignorance. By the way, there will be no “rapture” — that is a modern protestant invention less than 150 years old. There are no 2 and a half comings of our Blessed Lord. He came once a savior and will come again as a judge. You had better at least stop blaspheming His Church.

    • Your Messiah with the Dagon fish hat is the one embracing Islam. So get ready to convert from Christianity to The Jesuits one world religion. As usual anyone who disagrees dies.
      Same old Catholic Roman Dark Ages coming back.

    • Do you know that your infalible pope is promoting the idea that all religions worship the same god? How can you contradict him saying that only the catholic church can save?

    • I particularly like how you casually avoided answering to the above statements, seems the only ones living in blissful ignorance and suffereg from self-imposed blindness are you pious christians who think you’ve a monopoly on decency and righteousness…when in actual fact you’ve a monopoly on sodomy, child molestation and intolerant, ignorant and down-right ugly views.

      Schooled again, on yuor own blog. You’re piss-poor at this. You’re about as good at defending your faith as you are providing evidence to support your absurd notions…about as good at defending your faith as you are at identifying and isolating what alleged satanic symbols you seem to find everywhere…you still haven’t told us why your initial analysis of his recent videos was 100% wrong, unquestionably so. Even people arguing in support of your stupidity have contradicted your retarded analysis of the symbollism yo claim to know so much about.


      • I don’t really know what points you are claiming to have won. Bowie stood for Lucifer, I stand for Christ and I don’t really have any idea what you stand for in your posts.


    • Do you base all of your idiotic opinions on YouTube videos?

      Some people should really quit using the internet, it ain’t good for them – you are a prime example of that. Suggest you exit YouTube and check reality out once in a while it’ll do you good.

      • There are plenty of Bowie fan tribute articles on the internet that I think that you would enjoy more than taking an honest look at Bowie and his fascination with all things occult.

      • Like I said – you’ll conveniently skip over the apparent truth that you’re piss-poor at reading into this symbollism, this is clearly obvious to anyone with even half an eye.

        Becuase you got it so wrong…what excatly qualifies you to analyse these videos and extract these alleged satanic symbols? The holy spirit? This spirit you speak of…has it posessed you or something?

        In laymans terms, the notion of some invisible entity powering your actions is called metnal illness…in religious terms you’re posessed – either way it’s not a deisreable state, I think you need help, sir.

  12. as with many 70’s english musos bowie liked heroin , crowley and alchemy hence the androgeny period.A result of successful conditioning by tavistock i guess – to have the gullible english kids embrace his ways.
    fyi- ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ movie used bowies iconic lightning flash (shock therapy) face make up which featured a trauma based mind control young girl……….its not bowie that concerns me so much as the hidden people that created him
    but i loved his music .

  13. I don’t know wht your holy spirit has been telling you…but it’s a liar, you’re unbelievably stupid. Does this spirit speak to you in your head? That’s called mental illness – part of me wats to blame mental illness on satan but that’s stupid, just like the article I just read.

    Much of what we saw in Bowie’s last videos makes far more sense now – presumably you’ll fail to acknowledge that – you’re clearly quite poor at reading into this sort of symbollism since you missed what is now quite obvious. I won’t expect you to acknowledge that at all as it doesn’t quite fit with your agenda and backwards narratives.

    I think the fact that you find so much evil in his work more indicative of your own mindset than anything else…why you see evil everywhere? The only thing that should be concerning you right now is your twisted outlook on everything – everything is satanic…you must have hell-tinted spectacles on – suggest you remove them because it’s affecting your mentality in ways that are ungodly.

    • Sometimes people just get upset when they discover things about people they admire. Bowie was into the occult just like the rest of the music industry. Anyone that wants to find the truth can do minimal research and find it. You can start your own research here if you are interested. https://youtu.be/QSByCxGXXeM

      • But all of your research is apparently carried out on youtube…I can post videos on youtube…does that make them inherently gospel?

        You have some issues, my friend. I watched the documentary you seem to believe is evidence…most of it, if not all, was retarded. It’s not even slightl;y clever or convincing, it’s basically a few hours of conjecture and supposition but you’ve invested quite a large amount of faith in that…which is funny at best – trather frightening at worst.

  14. The sold souls video do not mention David, so if you are wont to infer him into it, why stop with him. Why not include all humanity of any profession no matter how mundane? Are the only exceptions, those consigning fallen nature onto other humans?

    • The sold your soul series is a starting place for those interested in finding out how people get fame in the music industry. I think it is really interesting considering that Lucifer as an angel in heaven was responsible for leading worship. So seeing music controlled and corrupted by Heavens ex-lead worship leader is worth noting. Any serious study will lead you to these conclusions. Bowie was totally involved in the occult and, of course, supported Nazism which is only logical since Hitler read Helena Blavatsky and her channeled work The Secret Doctrine.

      • I assume that by “serious study”£ youmean watching some videos on YouTube.

        You do realise that there is a plethora of videos on YouTube that pick holes in your faith…some even go as far as to claim that christianity is the work of the devil. Presumably you invest less faith in those videos…but fail to acknowledge that pretty much all videos on YouTube are subjective to say the least.

        You know why I think you’re stupid? Not becvause I’m a bowie fan…I never professed to be one single time but I did defend his videos and his art…and care not about his personal or sexual preferences.

        What you people want is control…over everyone, and I’m glad you’re unable to enforce your stupid on the rest of us because that’d be like nazi germany. Why do you care about his sexual preferences? Why are do-gooder christians so obsessed, unhealthily obsessed with other peoples private lives? You tell me that there are plenty of pro-bowie blogs, etc…there are plenty of christian topics that you could discuss, you choose to spend your life criticising others but qwhen it comes back at you….you don’t seem to like it.

        I think your irrational homophobia is really you trying to mask something within yourself. I’m not homopsexual nor do I particularly care if anyone is…music doesn’t really affect me in that way, not one bit. If it does you, then you have to ask yourself what fight you’re really fighting here, because it seems to me that your struggle is personal more than anything else.

        Makes me laugh when I think of the myriad priests and clergymen, nuns, etc – who have abused children for years…szurely this obvious evil which includes moplestation, child abuse – rape — is the work of your devil;.

        Maybe there’s more validity to those YouTube videos I mentioned previously – the ones that cvlaim your faith is the real work of satan…makes ya think…but of course, those videos are stupid and your claims are 100% valid and not at all silly…man, I’m glad I ain’t religious…it messes you up big time.

      • I think that your issue is with Christ and his message. I am just pointing out the obvious messaging that Bowie is putting out there. I would hope that if you study some of the decrypting of his final video Blackstar you might be able to entertain the concept that he is a minister of The Luciferian doctrine. He sits there and waves his little pentagram Bible in front of you saying he is a black star over and over. I didn’t make the video Bowie made the video. Do you just want me to clap and say how artistic he is with his provocative imagery?

      • No – I don’t want you to clap, yu don’t have to like it, what you have to do is accept that it’s there and others’ are free to like it if they so wish.

        I don’t have any problem with the message of christ, he hasn’t sent me any messages. I have, at my disposal – a unique gift, it’s called independent thought. You have no control over that, and you clearly don’t like it.

        Face it, you’re the christian equivalent of a fundamentalist muslim…jesus’ isis is what you are. I believe that if you lived in a country where it was more acceptable to do so, like saudi or afghanistan – that you would enforce your sick beliefs by the sword just like y’all did centuries ago…only reason you ain’t beheading apostates is because you live in a country where there’ll be repercussions for doing so.

        Jesus sent me no message – I ain’t gonna take your word for it that he has, nor will I accept it from a group of people who have systematically raped and murdered their way through history – tell you what, find evidence of mr Bowie committing buggery on a small boy and I’ll give you a few points here – I could find examples of that from yourn self-righteous side but what’s the point. You seem incapable of seeing the real evil because it’s not in your own interests to acknowledge the facts…F A C T S.

        To clue you in – you don’;t get facts on YouTube – I think this is part of your problem…any video on YouTube that validate or supports your stupid is apparently gospel…yet it is I that have my eyes shit and are willingly blind.

        If it weren’t so sick it’d be funny – it ain’t faith you’re suffering it’s a metnal illness, clearly.

      • I am not calling you ISIS but I am mentally ill. I wouldn’t force anyone to follow Christ or his commandments. I am responding to an industry that puts their antichrist messaging in front of me whether I want it or not. Christ is pro-choice and people can accept his message or reject it that is why has given his creation the option of choosing to follow him or reject him. Not very complicated. I choose to follow Christ and no one who follows Christ would murder others in his name. Bowie’s god was a liar and murderer from the beginning and he proves it over and over.

      • Who was Bowies god? You seem to know a lot about him…

        Funny how you’re hre, now – whinging on about someone who just dies of cancer – the oh-so tolerant christians…preaching junk y’all don’t practise.

        You should just stop me from commenting here because in terms of making a valid point you continually fail.

        I was born and raised in the catholic tradition, but unlike you – I’m a free thinker, I was like 8 or 9 years old when I realised just how ridiculous it all is…when I started to nitice “hey, these people who are preaching kindness and tolerance and neither tolerant nor kind”

        You exemplify that – it’s people like you that made me want to turn my back on that junk, and junk it is. You see what you see in the music industry because you want to see it, sadly. I can’t see it, I see people being selfish, greedy…all of that nasty stuff, I see it in musicians, I see it in politicians and I see it in your clergymen, your priests and nuns.

        Again – you ignore the facts and bleat more babble…if you really hate sodomy then where is your condemnation for those of your own faith? Double standards…maybe David Bowie got hammered by one of your oh-so wonderful priests as a boy and thus, developed a taste for sodomy. Becuase history has shown all of humanity that it’s extremely prevalent in those circles. You seem overly concerned by it, one has to wonder why because you sure ain’t gonna be honest about it.

        You will never win this argument, because in order to win an argument you must apply a few things – logic, and factual evidence. You’ve failed on both counts. Tell everyone here I’m a lost cause and block me, you know you want to 😉

  15. His last writes totally traumatized me and made my skin crawl. When I was young I thought Bowie was a brilliant musician. I really love his music, and even saw him up close and personal at a concert in Detriot, having a spectacular view-third row on the floor. The video Blackstar is tenfold worse than the above video on this blog. I couldn’t watch the whole video and I am still traumatized. After all these years I have changed my opinion of himself the elf, a minion! Those videos were horrible, so morbid, pretty dark…pure evil. Then he is making a mockery calling it Lazarus… He looked like well spent evil living dead…Then I went on a different website and they referred to Bowie as being the Godfather of sodomy…and that he used subliminals in his music at the of the British invasion…to promote being gay….Google it….I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when fell off the Earth and came face to face with our Creator, our Lord, I don’t even want to think about it…was it worth it Mr. Davey Jones-Master Ziggy Stardust, the great I am…was selling your soul really worth being cast down and burning in a lake of fire & brimstone, burning all through eternity, paying his final dues…well I sure hope he don’t try to strike up another deal with the evil one and be resurrected, born again Lazarus…

    • The fact that you’re “traumatized” by a music video speaks volumes…about you.

      I love how christians think they’ve a monopoly on morality when they see corruption and evil everywhere they look…hmm.

      • Some people use words liek “traumatized” with no concept of what it means – way to de-value a word with a very harsh and specific meaning…do I honestly believe this person was traumatized by a video? No…do you? It would appear so…the willing blindness you refer to is, again – an internal struggle…I’m not traumatized.

        Presumably I’m supposed to pretend that I am so that it ifts your skewed view of the world.

        I refuse to lie and exaggerate so as to be in-keeping with your absurd narrative. Sorry.

    • Was he a real satanist???? Bowie was a luthterian,Yesterday we watching to a interview,and he tell this there!! God have the last word,about David,about me,about everyone! And we are we to tell this all?? Stop this mudd story’s,Bowie know it now,to be death! And one day we know it all ! Have respect for his wife,childeren and family! His eyes have 2 colors,this was not from the devil,but it come from a friend when he was a boy! He tell this all in a interview! I be not a fan from him,but he have real beautiful song too! He was fan from Piaff! And more from this all.this was his own words! Kahleen/The Netherlands

    • Look, I am a musician, and I have listened to a lot of different kinds of music…one could make an argument that a song simply about materialism is satanic etc… and I would agree…. BUT – having just watched Blackstar I can attest that there is some very dark, intentional evil messaging going on…black mass, mocking the crucifixion, possession, the approach of satan – I mean – if you don’t see this you are either obtuse or in denial. I currently do worship at a church and know first hand the difference in spiritual vibes. This video may be the darkest video I have seen as such… and makes other vids celebrating sex / money and drunks etc flea bites in comparison. You think I am overreacting? Here is a quote for you to consider :

      A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast, the less he knows it.
      George Macdonald

      • In all fairness I’d like to critique your critique, because you seem to think that the notion that you’re a musician qualifies you more than the rest of us…ok so I play guitar and keyboards and have for nigh on 15 years, it’s irrelevant.

        What is relevant here is your ability (or lack thereof) to read and interpret the symbollogy in the video. You seem to think Bowie or his producers are trying to somehow corrupt or send us some sadistic, satanic message.

        I think if you take the video into context…it’s more a reflection on his life and the impending, inevitable death he faced. It’s actually quite poignant – you’re seeing what you want to see here. So ask yourself, qwhy are you seeing satanic symbollogy here?

        Because I don’t…if anything I think it’s a reflection on his life, the good and the bad. Bowie was always really quite upfront about his lifestyle, sometimes being more open about it than he should…ain’t none of our business what he does even if he tells us about it. When I heard him in interviews saying some of the crazy things he said I was like…ok, so? It’s irrelevant…

        The only relevant thing to me is…that you hear or see the odd thing here and there and focus on it too much…I don’t think the issue is with the music industry…sure there’s a lot of nasty stuff going on in showbusiness – and there has been for centuries. It only becomes a problem for you if you make it one…why do you care?

        I think when you finally realise that you’re pretty poor at reading the symbols and making sense of them you’ll finally stop trying to analyse the work of a man like Bowie – you ain’t an authority on the subject simply because you’re a musician, are you? The person who wrote this blog crealy isn’t.

        As I said in an earlier response…take the info we have – all of it, and put it into context. Bowies last work makes more sense now that we know he was terminally ill…the only satanic work I see here is you guys – agents of satan, promoting satanism under the guise of criticism…you’re ju7st bringing something to the forefront which isn’t actually there, otherwise. Essentially – the biggest satanic influence here are you people, becuasr y’all see it everywhere and feel that incesant need to constantly bang on about it and point it out to everyone…and idiots simply accept your amateur analysis without question because you speak with an air of authority like you have a clue.

        I suggest you don’t – your analysis of his work is amateur at best.

      • I couldn’t agree more. There’s some negativity obsessed infantile wanna be ‘Christians’ here who think they do God a favor by searching for Satan in the parting work of a highly artistic icon as ‘though’ they were experts in Bowie’s usage of symbology when they exhibit such difficulty in their ability to parse the variance between the artist and the Industry. The legendary artist knew he was dying, made his final record and videos for his fans. I really think those who envision their Ministry be to pounce upon the opportunity of the death of a successful professed Christians in order to feel validated by the Divine, could better spend their time reflecting upon the difference that they personally make in their life compared with Scripture. Not just lead the weak and easily led into “their” own depths of their dark imaginings.

      • …like I said – you are either obtuse or in denial, but I won’t beleaguer the point. I am a-ok if we disagree, in fact, that is the beauty of life that we are free to choose our destinies. I agree with your point about symbolism, it is very hard to know for sure exactly what a given symbol means.. often the artist doesn’t even necessarily have a clear idea what a given symbol means – but the overall evidence is there of a very deliberate kind of message. I have already mentioned some of the obvious ones…if you don’t see it, you probably can’t (see GM quote). Musicians preach… good, bad or otherwise… since preaching is simply to proclaim – and songwriters are proclaiming a lot. When you say it only becomes a problem if I make it one – I found this blog by googling some keywords, and I found the author of this blog right on. I made a comment on it that I concur. You come here, by your own choice and disagree. Cool by me. We disagree, and I stand by my opinion. One day we will both answer for our decisions on things much more important than whether or not Bowie worships satan…. you and I will answer for who (or what) we worship to our Maker. I hope you make the right choices. Peace.

      • You don’t seem able to grasp this – I don’t care if someone mocks the crucifixion because I invest no faith in that whatsoever. Yes, I’m in denial…I see he things youspeak of and am willingly choosing to ignore it. I’m lying, of course.

        I found this blog because someone died, someone who meant a lot to many people…I’m not necessarily one, I have my own musical tastes, I like some of Bowies work but I’m not a raging fanboy. I just think it’r pretty disgusing that so-called religious people who preach stuff they clearly don’t practise are so nasty they’ll condemn someone even after they died…based on some stuff they believe they can see…and are completely unwilling to accept the hardcore truth that not everyone else can see it.

        I found this blog because someone posted a link to it on a social media page…and despite not being a hardcore fan of the man I found it pretty disgusting. I still do..there’s no tolerance, no turn the other cheek and as I already said, the biggest promoters of satanism thus far have been the very people who claim to be repulsed by it. If you can’t see why that’s illogical and actually pretty sick then you need to really redefine ignorance because your current definition is way off.

        And as for the artist not understanding the symbollogy they use, that’s ridiculous…it means what he wants it to mean or intended it to mean…he’s the artist. The artist knows their own intent…unless you’;re implying that he was under some demonic influence or control, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.

        So have fun seeing satanic stuff everywhere… I don’t believe in that nonsense, some do but don’t make it real. If you’re seeing that stuff everywhere I suggest you take stock of the world around you.

  16. I was a big Bowie fan, so I don’t hate him. But, he himself said in an interview that he dabbled in Christianity, Buddhism, and Satanism. I just hope that he cried out to Jesus before passing on.

  17. This is so scary!! But was he a real Satanist? Yesterday we watching to a interview from him,l be not a fan from him,some songs are real beautiful.Bowie speak in this interview from God!! and who we are self? God have the last word about everyone! David is gone! But we have not any right to tell the world,The Devil have hus soul now! This go much to far!! We are not God! One day we all come from the same God,and than? This mudd story’s they are respectles for his wife,childeren and family,God have the last word,Always and not the peoples!( Bowie was Lutherian,and he was Victorians bring up!) but this video is very macabre!But he know it now,on the place were he is!

  18. I too think that Bowie was lead by the forces of darkness. I used to like some of his music, but I never knew much about him, only that he was “different.” But I thought that was all a stage act. When he passed away, I watched his Black Star video, and it gave me nightmares for weeks. I also suddenly suffered a lot of bad luck. Even worse, the song stayed in my head and replayed repeatedly. I couldn’t get rid of it. In fact, it still pops into my thoughts occasionally.

    The strange occurrences and negative vibes I got from the song led me to look into his personal life, and I discovered the immorality and his Satanic connection to Crowley. Then Black Star made sense. Yes, I believe he was Satan’s servant.

    I will not watch those videos you posted. I try to avoid his music entirely now, but recently I watched the film, The Martian, which featured Bowie’s, Starman. And now, I keep hearing Black Star in my head again.

    • When you come under a spiritual attack from music and you are a Christian, you need to bind that “Blackstar Spirit” and cast it out of your mind and body. Pray to be covered in the blood of Jesus and ask for Jesus to point out anything else that you need to bind and cast out. Spiritual warfare is needed in these days when dealing with demonically seeded media. Prayer and Bible reading will revive and strengthen your spirit. You always have authority over all things of the enemy and you don’t need to suffer but take authority over him and cast out any of these oppressive spirits. God Bless you and keep on fighting the good fight.

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