The Media System wants to insight riots! Facebook refuses to remove a kill Zimmerman page

The Media System wants to insight a riot! Facebook refuses to remove a kill Zimmerman page

In the age of NSA spying and widespread censorship of everything, facebook for some reason doesn’t shut down a “KILL ZIMMERMAN” page.  I wonder why?  Maybe it is related to the 24/7 coverage that America was subjected to and the unsolicited comments from both Eric Holder and Obama.  Obama even said that Trayvon could have been his son.  When was the last time that the top executive branch occupant commented on a trial jury case?  I can’t recall.  It doesn’t sound normal to me?  What is the agenda?  Why would the media continue to hype a trial where an all female jury decided that the case didn’t reach the level of evidence needed to convict Zimmerman.  How can race baiting be involved with a guy with a German name, a Hispanic appearance and descended from a black grandmother?  Why are the media and gubment so desperate to keep pushing and pushing and pushing.  What reaction are they looking for concerning this acquittal?  I mean I haven’t heard Bill O’Reilly or Greta talk about why the DOJ would pay people to protest George Zimmerman before the trial?  When has the gubment advocated an outcome with tax payer money prior to a trial?  Isn’t that grounds for a mistrial?  Refer to Link for total amounts and dates: LINK

I get the strange feeling that the ghost of Hell’s resident community agitator organizer Saul Alinsky is speaking into the ears of two of his wannabe prodigies Eric Holder and Nobel Prize winner peace maker Barry the whatever his name is?  I mean if Zimmerman were dead and Trayvon were alive then all would be right with the world?  Oh and “guns are bad, you shouldn’t own guns because guns are bad, ok”  Mr. Mackie Obama.  If Barry could of taken all the guns away from everyone then we would have saved one life and isn’t that the point in IrrationalLiberalUtopia.  So I guess that I have learned that putting out hit contracts on acquitted Americans is ok and keeping up pages on facebook calling for someones death by vigilante is ok but guns in the hands of law abiding Americans is bad.

The Lunatics truly are running the asylum!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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