Eric Holder’s Race Based Justice System

Eric Holder’s Race Based Justice System

I for one have signed petitions asking for the removal of Eric Holder for many criminal violations against the Constitution and violating the office of The Attorney General of The United States of America.  I believe that Eric Holder deserves prison time for his obvious collusion with covering up illegal activities at the highest levels of government in his official capacity of AJ.  This is a man who does not see the Law as blind needing to be applied equally among the American citizens.  He is an activist AJ and sees race and special conditions for certain races.  That my friends by definition is the exact definition of the term “RACIST”.  The Divider and Chief, Obama, has his perfect racist AJ representative to promote the Obama Agenda, Divide & Conquer!  Abuse of Power is the trend of the day within the United States Federal gubment.  I am afraid for civilized law abiding Americans having to face a wicked leadership which is clearly NEO-MARXIST!


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