Google Earth and Satan’s Hegelian Dialectic

Viewers new to seeing the author of this videos unique take on how the eye processes images will be taken aback on how out there that this type of process appears to be from a rational mainstream linear approach to evidence. I encourage folks just to view this for a different perspective on end time events. The author repeatedly comments in his videos to turn to Christ and accept Christ’s grace and mercy as the only way to God the Father. Thanks to Mark (thegroxt1) on youtube for his demonstration of how the surface of the globe is graffitied with the story board lay out of the coming apocalypse. I think that this video whether you agree with Mark is really interesting from my point of view that he is showing that the New World Order has a 2 part plan for controlling humanity and installing Satan during the 7 year Tribulation period. I especially want people to focus on how he breaks down the images related to Africa. (A side note: We have posted recent articles on the strange “coincidence” of 3 USA presidents being in Africa at the same time in the past 2 weeks!) Here it is interesting that what you see is what he calls the rampaging takeover of the first phase of the 2 part plan where the globe is being infected. I think this is what the media is calling the coming Zombie apocalypse and the 2nd part is the removal of the host and eye from the population as a ploy to control the first part. I think this is where you have movies like “Man of Steel” coming into play where Lucifer can be portrayed as the light barer and savior of the human race. The Bible believing church will be gone and the world will have been given over to the great deception or delusion and they won’t have a working knowledge of the scripture or the watchmen to clue them into the extreme delusion/deception occurring and the people will willingly take the mark of the Beast. This reinforces my belief that the Hegelian dialectic is truly a Satanic creation meant to collide 2 opposite forces into each other to create a synthesis. Example: Fallen angels + Daughters of men=(synthesis)Hybrids.


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