NASA finds deep blue planet, 63 light years from Earth that may be a ‘living hell’

The Extinction Protocol

HD 1897333b is not a tranquil blue planet. The gaseous giant is orbiting too close to the parent star to be hospitable. The planet is hot enough to be on fire and once again, proves just how rare life is in the galaxy.
July 13, 2013SPACERecently identified by NASA, the planet HD 189733b a mere 63 light-years away appears as a beautiful ocean blue much the same way our Earth looks from space. But if you’re thinking oceans of tranquility and tropical beaches, don’t book your travel plans just yet. According to a NASA release, HD 189733b’s cobalt blue comes from a 2,000-degree Fahrenheit atmosphere comparable to living on the tip of a blow torch … that is if blow torch also had 4,500 mph winds and glass rain that blows sideways. And you thought Houston’s weather could be bad. The planet’s ghoulish weather is caused…

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