The Saul Alinsky States of America-part 1

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”–African proverb

I will give a brief personal introduction to my process of being indoctrinated with the Alinsky philosophy in college and in the workplace.   I have been wanting to write on this topic for many years do to my extensive history in the Mental Health arena and my involvement with grant writing for government funds.  So this topic is very personal for me as it takes me back to a time in my twenties when I was open and susceptible to the indoctrination of the public university systems.  I now look back on those days as lost time.  I have learned many lessons from doing things the wrong way in life and now understand why older wiser individuals give younger people advice so they don’t have to repeat the mistakes of youth through ignorance or naivete.

I was first introduced to Saul Alinsky and “Rules for Radicals” by prominent grant writers who had allocated large sums of money for their non-profit organizations.  Grants are government funds that organizations compete for to fund their programs.  That means that your tax dollars are doled out to local communities through political connections that control the flow of money into different agencies. This is how local politicians pay out favors for support to people that got them elected.  Through my personal contact with these grant writers I found that they were on a crusade to have everyone of their students read and implement Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and “Reveille for Radicals”.  So I purchased these books as directed and proceeded to follow the advice of these grant writers.  Since my interest was in allocating money for my agency I overlooked the philosophical background of Alinsky since my professional community is saturated with liberal or progressive mind sets.  Basically by the time I had finished my course work and studies on Alinsky I was thoroughly disgusted with such an approach to life.  I found him repulsive and was shocked to find out that I was in the minority.  Only years later did I revisit these books to find the famous quotation that he is known for by the Christian community.  When I think of what to put as an introductory quote to a book, I don’t think I could think of a worse comment to make than what Alinsky stated.  Here is his original introductory dedication quote from “Rules for Radicals”

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

So when I think of what the Bible means when men are given over to a reprobate mind, I think of Alinsky!  So now I will transition to what I mean by entitling this post as the Saul Alinsky States of America.

It has become very clear from studying and researching the forces that are collapsing the United States of America that this is a controlled demolition just like the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition on September 11th, 2001, when forces within the United States government working with other foreign intelligence services cooperated in performing the opening false flag event that would set the stage for the New World Order Fourth Reich Nazi style dictatorship to come to power.

Saul Alinsky is often referred to as the father of modern day activism, liberalism and community level organizing by the main stream media.  That doesn’t really hit home with most Americans because these terms don’t really have much meaning.  They are sanitized versions of philosophies that are more depraved and degenerate in nature.  If the media was really free and dedicated to freedom and a true representative republic then they would label the enemies of freedom who are threats to the American people and society as we know it.  They are paid smiling prostitutes that read teleprompters without questioning, and that is me being kind.  Most people are misled about Alinsky and his affiliations.

Alinsky is most accurately categorized as a NEO-MARXIST.  For those that don’t know about Marxism, Karl Marx was the founder and chief published intellectual behind COMMUNISM.  Communism was sold to the masses in post WWI (1918) Russia as a type of Robin Hood system which said to take from the rich and give to the poor.  FAIRNESS & EQUALITY would rule the land.  Sounds good but it is a complete lie and farce.  What people, especially public school indoctrinated generations, don’t understand is that Communism is a system which takes the entire wealth of a nation and consolidates it into the fewest number of hands as possible.  People are shown propaganda pieces showing the leadership as part of the people without all the affluence.  However, these are not the people who run things.  Even Lenin & Stalin had to answer to the money men.

What most Americans don’t understand is that Communism was funded by international banks located in the United States and through the highjacking of the American currency through the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 on Jekyll Island Georgia.  This was a secret coup by Rothschild proxy agents such as the Rockefeller family.  The purpose was to establish an opponent to the West so that the International bankers could profit from starting wars and indebting  countries to the bankers.  The secondary goal of manufacturing war was to kill off as many child bearing age males as possible so that a form of population control could be implemented to manage the herd of human sheeple by the blue blood occult elite families.  With the establishment of the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world and the establishment of the Petro Dollars the bankers could collapse the world economy after the United States citizenry had been socially compromised enough over time to give up the Biblical foundations of the United States.  This is where Alinsky came into play.  He and his followers job was to destroy the societal foundations of America.

I will finish this first part by listing an abbreviated simplified history of Alinsky’s Neo-Marxist pedigree and approach to change.

Alinsky unlike Stalin did not follow the violent revolutionary approach that marked the Russian & Chinese communist revolutions.  Alinsky was a follower of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.  Gramsci believed in an approach called gradualism, infiltration & the dialectic process.  This is the process laid out in the dvd video “Agenda” and the book “The Naked Communist“.  Both the dvd and book show the gradual process that is laid out by the Neo-Marxists.  Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so sublte that most did not notice the changes.  Gramsci specifically believed that by targeting and tearing down Christianity in the West that the communists would be able to take over once the last vestiges of Christianity had been removed.  Alinsky’s basic formula is as follows:

1) Promote dissatisfaction with the establishment and agitate the community. Promote discontent within a population and blame the establishment

2) Insight a reaction by provocation.  Provoke the target.

3) Demonize and polarize the provoked parties reactions to agitators actions.

4) Use social pressure to marginalize and ridicule the target.

I will give a school yard example of kids playing football and how they use this formula: (Kids playing football)

“There are 2 teams playing each other from the same class.  There is only 1 play left and there is only 1 point separating the two teams.  The person trying to score on the last play is tackled short.  One of the players on the losing team punches another kid on the winning team without anyone seeing, then the victim gets irate and punches the instigator with everyone watching to witness the attack.  The retaliator is kicked out of the game and the losing team is given one more play for the foul.  The losing team kicks a field goal winning.  This is the communist rule of “The Ends Justifies the Means”.  Win at any cost.  Truth is relative.  Of course the kid kicked out of the game is blamed for losing and is falsely demonized and scapegoated and polarized by both teams.

This has been a brief introduction to the low life amoral indecent scumbag tactics of Saul Alinsky.  I will continue this post by detailing Alinsky COMMUNIST agitators at the highest levels of the American government in my next post.


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    The Saul Alinsky States Of America-Part 1
    This is a must read if you want to understand the evil that is taking over our government and actually the world. Obama is a community organizer by his own admission. He has ties to Alinsky, well I’ll just let you read about it. But you need to know where this man comes from and you’ll know where he is going.

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