Ecuador passes new law to limit free press

The filthy globalists will crush all free speech no matter what part of the globe. They cannot tolerate honesty and integrity in their world. Truth is always a major threat to colluding criminal syndicates.  The bankers and their media prostitutes represent the death of civilization!

Dirty Babylon

Ecuador’s contentious new news media law  killed the country’s only news magazine by creating restrictions that threatened to strangle a free press. “We cannot accept in silence that the government should determine the topics and agendas that we can cover, all freedom of information  should be regulated, inspected and that a superintendent chosen by the president should stand as executioner to penalize.”  said owner and publisher of the magazine Vanguardia and newspaper La Hora, Francisco Vivanco.
The law sets restrictions on the coverage of court cases, creates government bodies with wide powers to regulate and penalize journalists, and bans the publication of personal communications, including e-mails and conversations.Beyond penalties for publishing or broadcasting material that harms a person’s reputation or honor, the law prohibits something called media lynching, which it defines as the publication of material intended to reduce someone’s prestige or credibility.
Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, regularly rails…

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