The 9/11 False Flag Event and the Rise of The New World Order 2013

It has been 12 years since the twin towers came down.  At that time America and the world were in shock, but now independent thinking humans know better.  The absolute collusion and coverup by  the United States government, intelligence services, and the media with their planted trauma actors with prearranged Hollywood scripts is so blatantly obvious that when put together the evidence convicts the New World Order globalist Satanists that run world government.  This is a short post on the false flag event called 9/11 and the progression to the New World Order and the prearranged destruction of America by traitors throughout the Federal government including the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Engineering experts have been ignored by the media and the United States government.  The system knows that ignoring news is one way of controlling truth.  You don’t need to lie about every 9/11 story if you don’t air the stories in the first place, then you only need to mock and label intelligent humans who have no media outlets to get information to the uninformed dumbed down public.

One of the best ways to cover up truth is to roll out trusted media mouth pieces who no one would ever believe would betray them.  Here is Globalist Walter Cronkite New World Order advocate and American traitor with New World Order witch Hillary Clinton congratulating him on a life of treason.  Walter even chuckles at the thought of some Americans resisting the New World Order.  Of course he is chuckling at what is occurring now in 2013 America.  Walter is gone now but his role of being the chief disinformation artist for conservative segment of America is now occupied by Jesuit trained Vatican approved Bill O’Reilly of “The Spin Zone” fame.  What follows after are short NWO clips.

Of Course the only protection from the New World Order is through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  By accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior you will forever be eternally safe from the eternal damnation that faces all those that refuse and reject Christ’s call for reconciliation with him.  Satan and his New World Order followers will not escape eternal justice and will pay for all the evil they have done and will do prior to the return of Christ.


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