Fusion Centers are not collecting data on you only on bad domestic terrorists?

I find posts like these so interesting.  First the public is uninformed about what fusion centers are? Oh really!  They were created after 9/11 due to the missed clues that could have prevented 9/11. Oh really!  I mean the truck loads of affidavits that the government has ignored about the controlled demolition of the twin towers?  Maybe the fusion centers can sort through that evidence.  Of course now we turn to domestic terrorism.  Yes, the non-existent domestic terrorists.  I mean there are those Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma black Ops government terrorists that orchestrated the event in which the entire ATF evacuated the building before the bomb went off.  The sealed videos of the event that won’t be released.  Maybe the fusion center can get access to the sealed videos that will show the van and all the McVeigh associates.  Oh right I only need to fear the fusion centers if I am a terrorist.  Well the government has redefined terrorists to include anyone talking about the Constitution, freedom, liberty, the bill of rights, the first amendment etc.  So basically law abiding Americans are now terrorists.  So I guess this director hidden in black hasn’t gotten the memo that Americans are terrorists.


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