Pimping Jesus in America’s 30 pieces of Silver Church

The Love of money is the root of all evil church in America is largely responsible for the great falling away in the end times.  Judgement starts at the house of God!  America is no different from every other culture that has turned its back on Christ.  Discerning grass roots Bible believing Christians and congregations are coming around to realizing the extent to which  America’s seminaries have been infiltrated with agnostics and atheists.  The Biblical message has been corrupted to such a degree that seminaries are supporting a “priest class” that has elevated itself above the laity. This shift toward relying on a seminary educated expert trained in Christian theology to lead the church is inherently risky and flawed.  The body of Christ and it’s shepherds are to be vigilant with discerning and testing the doctrines being introduced into the churches.  The modern day Protestant denominations have completely capitulated the hard won gains of the Reformation and are re-instituting the old Catholic paradigm of ignorant congregation and all knowing priest class.  On top of the increase in creating Biblically ignorant congregations, America has hybridized Biblical Christianity with of all things “The American Dream”.  The first thing to consider is “The American Dream” even compatible with a Christian world view.  I would adamantly state NO, but this is a question that is not even raised by the majority of America’s Christian community.  So now we have this hybrid which is more commonly called the prosperity gospel.  It is a mix of Tony Robbins & Dr. Phil pop psychology, a circus big top, a lotto ticket, and a Bible which everyone holds up and swears that they believe in without ever opening it!  If Jesus was to attend one of the mega church events pimping the gospel, I am sure that Christ would be flipping a lot of tables with the preachers autographed copies of “Your best life Now”!

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