Youtubers are targeting July 4th as a possible False Flag Event

Several youtube channels are dissecting Hollywood and known illuminati propaganda videos such as “I Pet Goat II” for possible clues as to the next False Flag events.  This trend caught on after the 9/11 New York attack when scenes from TV and movies seemed to be laying out a timeline for the Twin towers attack.  The most notorious of these TV shows was the short lived “Lone Gunman series” which showed a passenger airline jet being remotely piloted into the Twin towers.  Many researchers have come to depend on the Movie and TV releases for clues into what the Illuminati are planning for their destruction of America.  Four of the worst movies in recent memory that were blatantly created to foreshadow the collapse of America are as follows:

1) Red Dawn

2) Olympus has Fallen

3) White House Down

4) The Hunger Games

Currently youtube movie researchers are relying on deciphering portions of the “I Pet Goat II” short looking for clues that tie in with other movies and any correlations around certain themes.  Of course this is pure speculation on the part of the public but there is some veracity to looking toward the movie and television industry which is run and promoted by the Illuminati.

(It is important to point out that several previous warnings to coming disasters have fallen flat on their faces)  Many warned about upcoming nuclear bombs going off at the Olympic games.  This of course did not happen.  I for one am supportive of peoples efforts to try and uncover alternative sources of news.  I sympathize with citizen journalists who have come to the conclusion that the MSM (mainstream media) is controlled by large multinational organizations which control all news outlets.  The only news that you’ll get is what they want for you to see.

The most common question that arises from the public concerning predictive programming in movies centers around why would anyone let the American citizens know of predetermined plans to destroy America?  A brief summary review of the beliefs of the Illuminati shows that the group thinks that they are living gods with special powers given to them by the Fallen Angel family lines to rule over man.  They view normal humans as useless cattle that need to be slaughtered in order to preserve the earths resources which they believe is their property.  They also believe in using demonic forces and science in an attempt to conjure magic and control the world around them.  My best guess regarding showing people their plans is to orchestrate events according to movies such as “The Field of Dreams”.  “If you build it they will come!”.  Their form of magic seems to be based on the Metaphysical Law of Attraction.  By putting out an Illuminati desired event into what they believe to be “Humanities Collective Unconscious” of Jungian fame they hope to create the reality they desire.  So what we are seeing is their Hollywood story boards laying out a case for the destruction of America and bringing in the New World Order or what I would call Hitler’s Fourth Reich!  Again the only solution to the Illuminati is a spiritual solution.  Repentance and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ and  a return to following the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the only force that will derail the Illuminati’s plans.

Written by

Tim Clark


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