Satanism, MK-ULTRA, Mind Control & Hollywood

Satanism, MK-ULTRA, Mind Control & Hollywood

In the world of Conspiracy theory, the stories of government programs designed to program people to carry out operations as sleeper agents have circulated the internet for the past 2 decades.  The history of MK-Ultra is well known to researchers of government programs and the government has even had to apologize for conducting such experiments on the American population without their approval.  MK-Ultra was developed under the leadership of NAZI scientists such as Dr. Mengele.  Operation Paperclip an American WWII secret program repatriated NAZI party members to the United States with the intention of adapting NAZI weapon systems into the United States arsenal.  (MK) stands for the German term “Mind Kontrol”, it is a process of subjecting trauma and torture to a person until that person’s Psyche fragments into an alter personality.  When the new personality surfaces it is programmed by a handler to carry out a sequence of steps when triggered by a triggering mechanism such as a phone call and a sequence of words.  Governments in the post WWII era have implemented sleeper agents to gather intelligence and also carry out sabotage and assassinations.

Popular culture has even used the themes of MK-Ultra in serious Hollywood block buster movies without the public recognizing that these programs have existed for many decades.  The brazenness of Hollywood and the government to show such material only goes to show that they believe that the public is completely brain dead and unwilling to stand against such evil programs.  The use of violence to induce trauma based mind control such as MK-Ultra has been used in the Satanic occult world to condition the offspring of the Satanic blood lines to carry out any violent act without question.

Since the public is spoonfed a diet of irrelevant and altered history in the public school system, only dedicated independent investigators expose programs like MK-Ultra to the public.  Upon revealing such programs, researchers are roundly ridiculed by the estabished MSM (mainstream media) who actively work to cover up such information to provide protection to their employers.  The public has also been conditioned to categorize such reports as conspiracy theory and relegate such topics to the area of paranoia and fantasy.

This article by Freeman Fly addresses specific case studies of Hollywood personalities that have exhibited the trauma based conditioning of MK-Ultra.  Remember that multiple personality disorder of Dissociative disorder is almost non-existent outside the influence of trauma based directed mind control techniques.  I will list a number of movies that exhibit both MK-Ultra, monarch programming and super soldier programming which all go hand in hand in many movies.


1) The wizard of Oz

2) Alice in Wonder Land

3) Total Recall

4) The Bourne Identity franchise

5) The Professional

6) Eyes Wide Shut

7) V for Vendetta

8) Natalie Portman movies

9) Disney films

10) Captain America

11) The X-men franchise

Current Netflix shows that are built on these themes:

1) Doll House (Complete MK-ULTRA series)

2) Hero’s

3) Continuum

4) Aeon Flux

A parental advisory is given to many of these films do to the subject matter.  Research them at your own risk.


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