Celebrate Christ on the 4th of JULY! NOT this government!

Patriotic Americans, those that believe in the founding of the United States and the author of our freedom Jesus Christ, celebrate Christ on The 4th of July!  This is a call to all Americans who can see the premeditated destruction of America by evil men to dedicate your lives and energies to the acknowledgement that Christ was the author of our Liberty and freedom in the United States.  We are now in the phase of the endtimes when the wheat and tares are being separated.  Those that stand for moral law, Christ’s law,  and justice are being targeted by a government of degenerates that are serial liars dedicated to destroying the formerly great United States of America.  So, to go on and make a mockery of a holiday such as The Fourth of July is morally wrong.  The blood of millions of decent Americans who sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom to preserve a country where the Gospel of Christ could be spread to the four corners of the globe to give the good news that Christ saves and redeems the lost.  Take a stand against immorality and the degenerates that run government, media, and the courts.  We will not standby while the memories of decent Americans are mocked by a system that no longer believes in individual liberty and freedom.

Above all Pray! Pray the Lords prayer with your families on the Fourth of July!  Pray for the soon return of Christ and the coming of his kingdom.  Pray for your lost family members and neighbors.  Pray for revival in these last days that The Holy Spirit will call to the hearts of men to repent and be saved so that they will not suffer the permanent eternal punishment of Hell.  When the church of Christ, the bride of Christ is called unto the wedding feast of the Lamb then we will all jubilantly celebrate  the end of evil.  A party that none of us will ever forget! AMEN!

Please send this article to as many Americans as you can before The Fourth of July!



Tim Clark (FBIC)

Fellow Brother in Christ


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