Peeping Tom’s-The Degenerates running government!

Publicity photo of Andy Griffith and Don Knott...

Publicity photo of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts from a Jim Nabors television special. Griffith and Knotts revive their Andy and Barney roles for a skit on the show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience.  These are the characteristics of God!  A society that holds a Christian world view is ruled by the fear of God!  A Christian knows that he is created in the image of God and having God’s likeness understands that he is subject to the laws of God.  Only God saw  fit to give his image to man to be in a special relationship with his creation.  Man was given authority or dominion over the earth.  When man is in correct relationship with his creator then he sees that he has the responsibility to treat others also as image bearers. The need for military or police becomes almost completely unnecessary when man submits to God and his rule over our lives.

America has departed from God and has turned its back on the creator and the author of Liberty.  Over a span of less than 60 years America has taken a nose dive in morality.  Christianity has become public enemy number one and any movement that leads to the removal of Christianity from our culture is promoted as good.  This has now led to this culture of constant surveillance.  People can still remember growing up in communities where people never locked the door to their homes and serious crime was very foreign to most communities.  The image that pops up for most people trying to remember these times is the photo of Andy Griffith or Barney, the goofy country police officer.  The phenomenon of Peeping Tom’s or Voyeurs was looked down upon and individuals violating the privacy of individuals where publicly singled out and punished by legal authorities.

Now the government actively promotes surveillance and voyeurism.  In a sense the government has institutionalized perversion as the norm!  Just like voyeurs caught in the act our government lies and justifies their criminal behavior.  If you are simple enough in your thinking to believe that the government is trying to keep us safe from terrorism then you need to do research into who creates and funds terrorists.  You will also need to research government sponsored false flag events.

With Christ there is complete freedom and rest from oppression.  Christ loves us and wants us to grow in his holiness and be transformed into Christ’s likeness.  The Satanic world leadership sees man as a cancer on the globe and wants to kill and imprison.  Don’t be foolish enough to believe the serial liars in government.  It seems that the perverts run things and they like to promote other perverts.  The only answer to sin is Christ and a life filled with Christ creates a society free from perverts.  I hope you read this NSA perverts!


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