What???!! Clinton: Israel Must Make Peace or Disappear

The picture gets clearer and clearer that the separation of the wheat and tares is accelerating at a break neck pace. People need to get prepared for the rapture of the church. This guy is obviously serving the Father of lies.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My Comment:  I really didn’t think that this man could say anything that would top the things he said about, well let’s just say his scandal.  But this tops it.  And it tops his wife’s, ‘What difference does it make’ statement.  Just when I thought I’d heard it all.

In a speech that will no doubt incentivize Palestinians to continue their campaign of terror and warfare against Israel, former President Bill Clinton told Israel that it would have to make peace with the Palestinians if it wanted to remain Jewish and democratic. He said that thanks to demographic changes, Israel will have to separate from the Palestinian population in order to maintain its majority.

This theory has been proved false repeatedly. Israel’s demographic majority in Israel will remain strong for decades upon decades. But the goal of the left is to create pressure on Israel – the party willing to…

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