The Demonically Inspired Devolution of Man


There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when one becomes aware of information previously unknown to the individual.  Many people have used different names for this state of mind.  Occultist’s have coined the term “illumination” for what happens when information is received from the spirit dimension from unknown agents through dreams or altered states.  Intellectuals call this the process of education raising from one level of knowledge to another through study and investigation.  Christians have traditionally based their knowledge from the revealed word of God through the Bible and the inspiration received by the Holy Spirit.  It is interesting that the Christian version of knowledge led to the creation of Higher education through the Protestant Reformation.  Higher education was viewed as a means for understanding man in God’s creation through study.

Now the tables have been overturned by unseen forces imposing their will upon the reprobate minds of the world’s leaders who now see education as a means of population control.  The elite guided by man’s demonic adversaries have implemented strategies to destroy the Christian education model that saw man as part of God’s creation, see Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s   “The Dumbing Down of America”.  The fallen angels with their human agents have denigrated God’s design by lowering man who is created in God’s image to the status of beast.

Now that the world has destroyed the created design of man and relegated man to the status of beast they can do whatever they want in the name of science.  This of course has been the subject that the elite have wanted to do since Mary Shelley and “Frankenstein”.  Dr. Mengele was just the first most public figure to do the experiments on humans that the demonically led psychopathic ruling bloodlines have wanted to do to manage the herd.  Yes, when there is no God then men, the animals, can then be communicated about in terms of cattle management.

We are now faced by the return of “The Days of Noah”.  The fallen angels and their human agents have been working together to create hybrids and unlock the coding within DNA.  Satan  is completing his endgame which was to destroy man which God created and recreate man in Satan’s fallen image.  Just as he attacked Eve in the garden and promoted the fall of man, he has again surfaced and is about to step out from behind the veil.

So is man evolving as the brain damaged culture promotes?  No, it is clear from any objective analysis that man is being destroyed.  Just examine the writings of the transhumanists and you will see that man will cease to exist.  There will be a new creation but it will be by Satan’s design and not God’s.  Man will be a demonically filled abomination which God will destroy.  Yes, man in all his wisdom has devolved from an immortally God created state to a demonic beast that will be cast into the lake of fire.  So, who do you want to follow God or the deceiver and destroyer Satan?


One thought on “The Demonically Inspired Devolution of Man

  1. Hey, I finally read it. Great stuff’! The devolution of man is obvious, but your analysis and wording is both accurate and hylarious. Bumper stickers are telling, and I saw a great one yesterday. “Killing a pregnant woman is double murder/homicide but having an abortion is a woman’s right. This just doesn’t make sense!” Simple truth. If we are beast then all of our opinions are relevant from the National Association of Men and Boy Lovers to Cannabalism or eating animal nuts and penises on popular cable TV shows. Save a tree, kill a human. Who is to say what is true anymore. Well, the Bible does and always has. Right and wrong exist, deal with it, Christ is real and proved that He is God, deal with it. He will change your life from the inside out. That is fact, that is truth and until people figure that out then we are relegated by highly educated idiots to believe that we are just beasts.

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