Why I am PC!!!!


Yes, Yes, Yes, I am coming out of Babylon’s closet and must admit to the whole world, YES I AM PC!!!!!  I am one Peculiar Christian (PC)!  There I said it and I feel so much better!  I need to apologize to my many college professors for being a total failure in your eyes!  You tried so hard to edumacate me in the knowledge and wisdom of this world!  With the best rational arguments for the non-existence of God and the obvious resemblance that we share with bedtime for Bonzo!  Oh the hours you labored trying to explain the world to me over a pint of beer at the local beer pub college seminars.  Why couldn’t I get it.  No matter how hard I tried to abandon my turnip truck Christian upbringing of my youth why couldn’t I get Kierkegaard or Nietzsche.  They were such happy little guys, that you Phd’s said I should emulate and dream to be so bold.  Besides, Christianity is the religion of the uneducated inbreds from the sticks.  Well I came to the conclusion after many years of being around the most over-educated puffed up academics that the world could offer that I am truly PC to my core.  So I am taking your advice and blazing my own trail and rejecting my past and totally selling out for Christ!!  Wow thanks guys for all your help!  You can keep the massive amount of money I paid you guys just to come to the point in my life where I learned you can’t teach me anything that I need or want to know.  I truly am a peculiar Christian and very happy to be so!!


Tim Clark (MotboC) (Member of the body of Christ)


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